Huge Giveaway-Camera DV100-Join The Contest Now!

Every moment has a value. Every day has it’s own quality. Every place has a different story. Every trip has a HISTORY. Combine everything you read above and I am sure that you have got only a thing in your mind. Every moment, day ,place and travel must be captured!

I have traveled a lot and I have to give you a suggestion. You should always carry a camera with you., from your daily walks, to the travel of your dreams. Phones nowdays are able to capture nice photos, but nothing compares the feeling and the quality of a real camera to your hands.

That’s what Pruveeo is dreaming. A better photography world, in which everyone can captures  friends, travels, family and the proudest moments through Pruveeo‘s photographic lenses. To me this is a real dream and I am willing to support them.

Camera Giveaway

So, today is your lucky day. Pruveeo will give to one of you a DV100 Camera for free. No payment, no extra fees, just an action camera to your door. As a worshiper of travels and extreme sports I have already order my DV100. I think it’s one of the best cameras in the field of action cameras, with very affordable prices and results that justify even the most skeptical buyer.

Take a look at the camera


Camera Features:

Pruveeo DV100 Waterproof Sports Action Camera with WiFi, Full HD 1080P Video Camcorders, 150 degree angle, with 25 Accessories Kits, 2 pcs Rechargeable Batteries.

As you realize it is no just a camera, it is a dream which is about to come true.


How To Join The Contest:  It is very easy and everyone can join. All you have to do in order to join the contest is to leave a comment about how you are going to use the camera or whatever you want and to follow my blog (if you are not a follower). Also, you can double you chances to win by sharing my post. So, if you share this post to your blog or anywhere else, you will have twice more chances to win the camera.

That’s all. As easy as pie. Everyone should take part, it costs nothing and one of you will be the winner. Join now the contest. I will announce the results the next Monday at 10 p.m.

Find Pruveeo on Amazon:

Find Pruveeo on Facebook:

I want to thank Pruveoo for giving me the  chance to support them and give to you, my friends, that amazing gift.


90 thoughts on “Huge Giveaway-Camera DV100-Join The Contest Now!

  1. Hello! I would really love this camera because I really wanted to startvloggoing and making videos! I was ready to start and had bought my bf a camera last year and he never used it as much as he liked so I figured I would use it ! I found it and it was broken.. so now I will have to save up more money and wait more time to do something I’m looking forward too! I could really use this camera (:

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    1. I am happy that you find my giveaway helpful. I hope to win so you can be able to vlog as much as you want. Vlogging is one of the activities I like too. Also, my heart broke when I read that you found the camera broken. WIshing you the best.

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      1. Thank you! I hope so as well ! It is heartbreaking but everything happens for reasons ! Thank you again! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed rest of your week (:


  2. I will go crazy with this camera and I’ll get as many pictures in water as I can because it’s summer and here in Greece we have the best places for pictures 😁

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  3. Hey Phil! This is a great contest! If I were to win the camera I would use it for my adventures during my travels. I am going to Vancouver BC in a few months and I know that it will be full of adventures for me to record and have it look amazing!

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  4. Gosh! What wouldn’t I do with that camera. This year alone, I will be traveling to the US, Canada and Costa Rica on various mission trips. It would certainly become by new best friend as I face new experiences, cultures, locales, etc. Who knows, this would give me the perfect opportunity to document the trips in detail on my blog. Man, Phil, you have me dreaming of the possibilities. 😀

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      1. Thank you Phil. Have a nice day as well. These will actually be my first trips aboard. I am totally looking forward to the new experiences 🙂

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  5. Thank you for doing this giveaway and having a great blog! I would love to have this camera (any camera) because my phone takes horrid photos. I would love gorgeous pictures as memories from vacations, events and special moments in life. “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
    ― Marc Riboud


  6. Photos are memories captured. I value photos especially after having to leave 100’s of photos behind in the hands of someone who will not release them. Baby books, and albums stacked bookshelves high. I have asked this person as they an I-photo library if I could send them a thumb drive to download all of our photos. The answer is simply no. So I take pictures at every opportunity I can. Every moment is a photo opportunity. All I have of my kids 18, and 20 is what I had on my FB. So now I download all my photos to a drive. I will never allow my memories so precious to be taken again. I am selfie/usies junky. Capturing a smile, or even a awkward moment. I have the power in the palm of my hand. I so wish to see my kids newborn baby picture but they are held captive. Likely I will never see them again. Even the birth video taped of my first born daughter. Never take life or day, hour, minute, second, for granted. Capture it all!! Matters of the heart!! ❤. So I hold to my memory but how beautiful to see those photos of their early youth, vacations, birthdays, all the mile markers. So I snap away all day everyday!!! Photos the precious memories of life!!

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    1. All these beautiful moments captured on piece of paper. I really don’t believe that someone should leave with the memories of the past, but sometimes is important for us to have a reminder about who we used to be and what we have achieve today! Beautiful message once more Lisa 🙂

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  7. Hey Phil!
    I am a homeschool mom and my husband is a construction guy. We would love to have this camera to document our homeschool journey, our lives, and our latest project….we are moving to NC and building a log cabin from scratch. My husband is doing the work and I’ll be doing the decorating as well as continuing to homeschool our kids. This camera would be perfect for capturing all we have going on!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

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  8. Good morning! My wife showed me this camera that you are giving away. It’s be perfect for us to use in capturing our current project. I am building a green log, log cabin for our family I’m north carolina. We are trying to film and share the journey along the way using our phones but this camera would be exactly what we need to capture all the action. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Good luck to everyone who enters.

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  9. Yeah the only thing I did not do was ping it back to you I did not have the url. You can view the comments on my blog. A lot since yesterday have commented. Yes I use my phone for all my picture taking. I agree with what you said, yet their are time I wish to relive the those memories all were not bad. It was not until the very end it all came crashing down. So to be able to see my kids first mile markers, and the fact my ex worked audio post production he always has the highest end equipment, Pro-tools, anf Mac Books. He did audio post production for feature sound and video games. Yet I was not even able to have a smart phone at the time. My first smart phone was 4 years ago last month. Yet here he has 1000’s of dollars worth of gear. All I want it my priceless moments. I am in control over that now. Do I need to go back and add this address you linked so the comments ping back to you?


  10. Hey Phil! I am super excited about this giveaway. I would LOVE to win this camera to capture all my memories of my children. I’ve also been looking into blogging experiences with my sister and doing hair videos. With life on a budget, this camera would be PERFECT!!!! Thanks so much for this opportunity.

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    1. You have in chains with this comment! That’s a really beautiful use of a camera. I love the fact that you wanna capture your family moments. I will be really glad if you win. Also, I am really flattered for sharing my post. I am wishing you the best of luck. Blessings.

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  11. Hi, Phil! I am excited about this contest. I have traveled to China, England, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and twice taken a cross-country tour of the United States … the true way to see the U.S. is by roads and highways.

    I have a garden that surrounds my home. I am the gardener and through toil in the soil, I have created a country garden that people just stop by and stroll around. I love taking them through and sharing my lovely plants with them.

    I am an artist in many areas; I write, cook, garden, act, sing, dance, direct, envision new projects that come to my mind’s eye, and have just now joined the blogging world. I would love to have a really nice camera to capture photos of some of my creations and highlights of my travels. I could add original photos to accompany my writing posts. I am a pretty good photographer with a good eye for composition, but have never had the kind of camera that could open up new worlds in which I could create.

    I hope you’ll give me that chance, Phil. I have started following you and look forward to reading your other posts. I also have included a link to your site and a link to the contest in my blog for today. Even if I don’t win … this has been a good experience for me. I have learned more about how to link other sites to mine. Thank you for this challenge, Phil. jan


    1. That’s really great. Thank you for all the effort you put on the comment and for sharing my post. It really means a lot. I like the fact that you travels a lot and every aspect of your art life. It matters to have skills and talents. I hope you will win the camera. I will be really happy. Just wait for the results. Thank you for being here!!!


  12. Hey! Thank you for hosting this giveaway and for an item that’s actually useful.
    I love to travel, blog and vlog, recording little snippets of life along the way so that I can not only capture everything that catches my eye but can also revisit those experiences and spin tales or poems around memories. It’ll be a great help to get such an amazing camera as I currently use my phone which does not always give me the desired results. A camera, on the other hand, will make it so much easier and immensely improve the quality of everything that I do. Everything that I’m all about. I also have a few vacations lined up during which I’ll be travelling to three countries. I can’t be more excited but this giveaway manages to heighten it! Thank you once again.

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      1. Thank you ☺️.
        You can always count on my support and there’s absolutely no need to thank me. We’re all here for each other as a community 😊.


  13. Hi,
    I saw you following my blog and that’s why I visited your blog and came across this wonderful post cum opportunity.
    For me photography is what I see from the lenses of my heart and seal it forever within the camera. Photography is living the transient heartfelt moments forever and this wonderful camera will help my purpose of doing exactly that.
    Hoping that this miraculous piece of artistic gadget (camera here) chooses it’s right artist. 😊
    Be well

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  14. My husband and I are all about having adventures and we are both photographers who love capturing moments and memories. We would use the camera while riding on our quad, going buke riding, and really anything that involves adventure and fun 😁

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    1. Hello, I am really happy to hear that both , you and your husband are such adventurous couple. Unfortunately, the contest is over since the first week of July. I have already announce the winner. I am in the good position to tell you that,more contests are coming, so stay tuned for more 🙂

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