~Travel With Friends For the Beautiful Moments~

~The greatest journey is the one you are making with your friends. I have traveled with company and I have traveled alone too. I enjoyed both of them very much, but the times I traveled alone, when I came back, I had no one to recall all these beautiful memories. So, you can travel solo for the experience, but you should travel with friends for the moments.~

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  1. Most of my travels I have done them alone. But along the way I have made interesting friendships that I have kept until today, friends that I still visit and spend good times with them and their families. I have never traveled with school friends or work mates. Always done my traveling alone. But now I do many travels with my daughter.

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    1. I know what you are saying. Me from m side, I was blessed and manage to make friends to the most countries I have visited. Really important relationships. Although, I love traveling alone, I feel very happy when after all these years, meeting with my old pals and recall stories of our travels. Both sides, have their own beauty.

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      1. yes it is true!

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  2. I am done. 3 Sunshine Blogger awards in one post. Answered all 3 sets of questions asked of me OmgeeeπŸŒžβœŒπŸ’…thanks for the nomination!

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    1. Beautiful answers. I am overwhelming by answer number 10. You were so lucky to saw Nirvana and Soundgarden live. I am so jealous right now. πŸ˜›

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      1. Omg it was so awesome. 19 years old. I was super preppy then. My ex husband was like “no ah sorry you cant wear that”. He gave me a ribbed up pair of old Levi’s, thermal, and I wore my doc Martens boots. Yes this is where grunge was born. I did not mention I do know all of the late great Chris Cornell’s younger brother Peter, sisters (Katie, and Susie). They played here in a band called Inflatable Soule. They always spoke highly of Chris’s fame. They were such a tight family. But yeah Seattle Underground was wear all grunge/alternative music came from. So before many of thosr bands got big they played small venues in Spokane. I saw Nirvana only 6 months before Cobain died. Can’t believe to incredible voices and stamps on our music are gone! They were such fun to go to as well. My ex is a huge music junkie. He is a muscian in his right.

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      2. That’s a really nice story to tell Lisa. You made me picture every part of the story. it was likes I was there. And all that about Cornell’s brother.. such a beautiful story with great details. I love Cornell’s songs, especially the ones he covered. Great artist with incredible voice.

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  3. authorlauraslife says:

    That’s such a coincidence because I had this very conversation with someone the other day. She was urging me to go to Hawaii someday, but she says I have to go with someone else because that’s what makes it so much better! I haven’t traveled as much as most people as I left the country for the very first time in December, but I will try to remember this advice!

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    1. Hawaii sounds such an adventure. I agree with your friend. An adventure like that requires another person to spend together the beautiful moments. I was always loved traveling. As long as there are destinations to explore never is late πŸ™‚


  4. Ending of your post has true words

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    1. Thank you my friend. It means a lot πŸ™‚

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      1. Most welcome!

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