~Am I Crazy Or The Others Are So Irrational?~

Am I crazy or the others are so irrational? I am always trying to prove my own truth and my beliefs…about God, about life, about universe and the mystery of life. It seems like all their irrational examples proving me wrong when I believe I am the most rational.


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17 thoughts on “~Am I Crazy Or The Others Are So Irrational?~

  1. I have found over the years that you can talk until your blue in the face and never get your point across to some people. I believe the best way to communicate to others is by living the way we feel. JESUS loved His life as a living example of how we as people should live.Let your own life be a reflection of God’s own Son and you will have no problem in getting your point across to others. We are all made in His image ltshow we reflect it in our own lives that matters. Troy✌

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly. The most amazing thing for me was when I began my transformation into what I truly believed. I lost a lot of friends as I started standing up and a lot of persons just plain out thought me weird or crazy.

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      1. Thanks Phil…time is truly the best teacher.Not that I’m that old and a know it all …I’m far from that …but in the years the good Lord has allowed me to be on this great planet …over had my share of the good and the bad.Living by example and better yet by God’s example is the only way to help people see that there is always a better way.Please keep me and my family in your prayers that we can do just that. We will keep you all in ours. Thanks troy ✌

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  2. I am firmly rooted in my christian faith but love a good debate….a Jewish lady I knew (did tours of Synagogue for schools) said there’s as many versions of Judaism as there are believers….I like that 🙂 Don’t need to prove it, you have your own beliefs

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  3. I guess I didn’t take this as a “debate”.. I was only saying if you truly live the way you really believe you won’t have to explain your actions or beliefs…people will see it in you and they Will already get it…..whether you’re a Christian or your Jewish or whatever Faith you may be. I just happen to be a Christian. Troy ✌

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