Journey To The Heart Of Romance (Part 1)

Journey to the heart of romance. Yes, there are countless categories of travelers. Some will say they travel for nature, scenery, sights, culture, people. But some will tell you that they travel to places to discover feelings and feel the romantic culture of the city. There are those romantics who will make -they will try at least- their journey to look like a movie. A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon next to the Seine, or a gondola ride in the narrow canals of Venice, may be the dream of a traveler – and it seems reasonable.
Today, therefore, this article is dedicated to those, the unpretentious romantics, who want each journey to look like an emotional adventure.

Here are the most romantic cities of our world!

10. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


It is really impossible not to feel the air of romanticism that San Miguel de Allende exudes when you find yourself in Mexico. It is a colony whose charm has been preserved and strengthened day by day. The heart of the city is protected by UNESCO as a cultural heritage monument due to the temples and buildings that have survived since the 17th century due to their great aesthetics and architecture.

9. Florence, Italy


Florence could not be missing from this list. It is the city that pulled out Europe from the Middle Ages and led it to the Renaissance. This is the reason why it is so special today. In the transition from one sociopolitical and ideological age to another, the wealthy and respected inhabitants of the city left behind an architecturally perfect city. Blessed with an extraordinary natural landscape and a unique architectural beauty, Florence is the city-synonym of romance.

8. Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston is one of those hidden diamonds that we do not know their existence, but once we discover, we immediately focus all of our attention and interest to these. She was elected as the first city on the research for ”the world’s best awards”, which gave her many points in the category of romance. Was it the great architecture of the city or the colored buildings that played a role? Perhaps it was the beautiful key points for romantic appointments, the Paris-inspired cuisine or the fragrances of flowers that prevail throughout the city.

7. Rome


The city who gave birth of the terminology “Latino Lover”, the “Eternal City” is a dream destination for countless couples. With so many beautiful spots, it makes you believe that even the small shops on the square hide some kind of story and make you wonder how it becomes a city to be so beautiful. The walk to the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Piazza di Spagna will be rewarded with sophisticated, delicious and famous Italian dishes.

6. San Sebastian, Spain


When the Bonapartes dynasty of France built their summer palace in Biarritz, the Bourbon monarchs of Spain followed their example in San Sebastián, turning this coastal village into a royal resort. They demolished the walls of the old city and built a multitude of luxurious homes, hotels and palaces that embraced all the sandy shores of La Concha Bay. Today, the picturesque town still attracts people looking for the sun, but has become famous as a bastion of civilization, with the famous film festival and as one of the most important city representatives of fine cuisine. Couples will spend a lot of time visiting the many parts of the city, as well as tasting refined dishes in some of the Michelin-starred restaurants.



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  1. CinnamonGirl says:

    Nice post
    They are all nice places


    1. Thank you very much. Yeah, totally, with no doubt!!

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  2. Jaya Singh says:

    Great post. I wish to visit each of them. Visit my blog too 😇


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