~A Trip To Wildlife~

If you love animals and nature, this is the ideal trip for you. Nature will bring you into direct contact with your own self, your thoughts, your body and your feelings. It will give you a sense of freedom and immediate wellness. In these magical places, you will find your psychic serenity away from the…

~Journey For The Brave~

With a sleigh in Alaska Enjoy the isolation of nature by passing through snow-covered areas on a sleigh that draws it gorgeously. Take a seat on the sled, relax the hooks and the dogs rush silently on the road. All you hear now is the slim grip of the sled and the gentle sounds from…

~North Korea: A Journey To The Unknown~

North Korea is a unique phenomenon of the modern world. Nowadays, under the rule of the third governor, this nominal Communist state defied all expectations and managed to survive the last 25 years, after the dissolution of the Soviet empire. Today, you have the opportunity to visit the most isolated nation of the world, where…

17~Photos By You-Paris~

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14~Photos By You-Norway~

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