~North Korea: A Journey To The Unknown~

North Korea is a unique phenomenon of the modern world. Nowadays, under the rule of the third governor, this nominal Communist state defied all expectations and managed to survive the last 25 years, after the dissolution of the Soviet empire. Today, you have the opportunity to visit the most isolated nation of the world, where…

17~Photos By You-Paris~

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14~Photos By You-Norway~

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~When Autumn Met Manhattan~

Autumn is a fact and with the first rains hitting our door, we start looking for the next place we are going to visit. While Europe may be the first in the best destinations for autumn, today we plan to travel somewhere further. Manhattan may be a city for which countless articles have been written…

~A Great Trip To The Victoria Falls~

Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World with a larger area than Niagara and taller than Iguazu. The splendid view of the African skyline and stunning scenery are not the only ones to enjoy during your visit. The Waterfalls of Victoria combine more activities than Niagara and Iguazu together. Today,…

11~Photos By You-New York~

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~An Unexpected Journey~

The less you see, the less you know. You might read and searching for cultures, religions and places, but if you never get to know the people or feel the air on your face and the grass in your hands, you will never know truly, how it feels. I can not see them all, but…