I’m trying. I really am. I’m always fighting and trying to be strong. But there are those days, which I’m on my knees. Today it is worse. Today I’m down. Not just in my knees. I feel the ground touching my face, and the cold stone hurting my chest. It’s one thing to be a … More ~Healer~

~A True Winner~

A true winner, knows when he has lost. A true winner,respects his opponent and he is always playing by the rules. A true winner knows how to lose and when that happens, he never uses excuses.

August 15, 2017The Crossing Eman Al Majali is a member of the first Jordanian women team that will attempt Everest Summit. With the expedition a year away, the team must prepare by practicing high altitude mountaineering in other places. Here, she crosses a crevasse around the Hinku Valley in the Nepalese Himalayas.


For all these moments we spend with our friends. For all these smiles we share with our families. For all these travels who make us better and all these times we cry for a person. For all these times, I salute you.


I really respect people who are devoted. Not to me, but in their ideals. I appreciate people who are devoted to their families, their jobs or, to an idea I don’t even support. Because devotion is about loyalty, and loyalty in it’s all forms, requires strength.