Silence can start and end a conversation. Sometimes, silence is the most powerful you can say. Silence is a proof of wisdom and a proof that your words count. Don’t waste your words on people who deserve your silence.

~Ideas Saturation~

Today I have nothing to write. It’s those days that you feel emotional and psychic saturation. Τhese days, all you have to do is wait. A ride or a song will give you the excitation to talk about something. For something small or something important. There will always be ideas about which we will have … More ~Ideas Saturation~

Photo Of The Day By Nat Geo

Over the Line The eruption of Mount Etna in 2002 sent lava to devour this forest in Sicily. It was such a dramatic event that footage of it can be seen in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, as part of the landscape of the planet Mustafar.

Photo Of The Day By Nat Geo

THE COYOTE’S HOWL A coyote stops to howl near the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Your Shot photographer Glenn M. writes, “Another pair of intrepid photographers had gone out to look for this coyote based on its howls, and the coyote ended up coming to us.”