~An Unexpected Journey~

The less you see, the less you know. You might read and searching for cultures, religions and places, but if you never get to know the people or feel the air on your face and the grass in your hands, you will never know truly, how it feels. I can not see them all, but…

10~Photos By You-Nimes~

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~Joyful Life~

To live is the rarest thing in this world. We, these days, use to exist. So, cut off your roots and go there where you belong. Stop thinking of it that much, just go. And when you do, wherever you go, go with all your heart.

~The Storyteller~

It is important to travel your body from place to place, but it is more important to make your soul to foot a step on a foreign land. The body might travels, but the soul lives with the memories until your last days.

~Volcano Bay~

Whatever idea you had about entertainment so far, forget it. Volcano Bay is the third theme park owned by Universal and is undoubtedly the best we could ask for. Volcano Bay opened its gates on May 25th and has face an unexpected number of visitors. It is a theme park with the water as the…

08~Photos By You-Italy~

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~The Magical World Of Disneyland~

There is a place in Europe where dreams come true and tales come alive. A paradise on Earth, which for 25 years allows us to get a little taste of what we dreamed when we were young. The favorite part of the children and the big ones. We are talking for the huge European but…

~A Trip Of Ice And Fire~

We are always seeking new countries to travel and new places to explore. Magical places, written in books and beautiful as a fairy tale. The truth is, that these places do not exist. Or do they? Today we will travel there, where the human mind had never gone, until 1996. “A Song of Ice and…