~Seefeld: A Frozen Paradise In The Heart Of Europe~

Have you ever thought how the perfect autumn holidays would looked like? A place with lots of snow maybe? What would you say if you were in a wooden chalet, with the fireplace flickering and the snow covering everything? A town with many winter activities, snowy mountain peaks, horses in the city center and warm corners for your coffee or your food? It sounds great, but it looks like a fairytale scene. Well, it is not. We have just described one of the most beautiful cities in Austria, worshiped by those who visited it and unforgettable to those who fell in love with this place. She listens to the name Seefeld and we’re ready to discover her.

What do I need to know?

Seefeld is an old rural town in the western part of Austria, in the Innsbruck region with a population of 3,312. The village is about 17 kilometers northwest of Innsbruck on a plateau between the Wetterstein and Karwendel mountains. It is quite picturesque, with a rich natural landscape, wonderful roads, while the wood element prevails for the most part. It is normally a winter destination, as in its ski center lots of games taking palce -with more important those of the Olympic Games. The good climate that has prevailed throughout the year has led teams – especially football teams- to choose it as the place of their preparation.

Visit the fascinating Seefeld


For someone who has visited Seefeld for five days, it is difficult – almost impossible – to return to his everyday life. The life there goes differently, the days have more meaning and the eyes have more to see. Let’s see how an excursion to the Austrian town, would look like.

An unforgettable breakfast


Depending on the hotel or chalet you would choose to stay at your visit, your breakfast would be different, but in both cases it would be unforgettable. The small population of the city and the attitude of the hosts lead to the creation of a fairly friendly climate. It is customary before the visitors wake up to find the fireplace of their home awaited, as well as a breakfast at the table. The combination of this exquisite destination with the white landscape, creates the ultimate feeling of serenity.

Scouting in the city


After completing your breakfast, and putting on the warmest clothes of your suitcase, you will discover this great village. Highly picturesque and quiet, the city is characterized by its beautiful scenery, wherever you look. The weather is cold, usually condensed and dull and the snow prevails for the most part. You will notice a lot of shops, decorated with lights, while you will love the fact that there are no highways but only pedestrian walkways. Cars come to replace horses. These horses carry a cart where guests can enjoy a stroll through the snowy forest.

Skiing in the ski resort


It is worth visiting the Seefeld ski resort. It keeps some of the best and most difficult slopes all over Europe and is one of the most remarkable ski resorts. Even if you are not aware of the sport you can try and experience this unforgettable experience. If you prefer something even more relaxed you can enjoy a hot chocolate in the ski chalet, gazing at the endless Austrian horizon.

The night falls at Seefeld


With the fall of the night, you will notice a beautiful phenomenon if you are lucky. If the weather is good and without clouds, you will be able to see the stars in the quieter winter sky, between the snowy mountain peaks and your frozen breaths. Nightlife is not the first concern of someone who visiting the village, so you will notice that they are not particularly rich. On the other hand, there are beautiful places for food and drink to relax from a long day of activities and very cold, and it will always be a nice choice the company that provides the fireplace in such cases. The decision is yours.


The words are often enough to convince you to travel to a destination. But Seefeld, should see it with your own eyes. The memory of this icy landscape will warm up your heart forever and make your memories a little more beautiful.

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  1. It’s so mesmerizing 😍😍 This Place is now in my bucket list.

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    1. I am glad to hear it. I hope you’d make it 🙂

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  2. hungrydai says:

    That has to be one of the nicest posts I’ve ever read. The pictures are stunning. I would love to be able to live in the mountains of Austria.


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