Madagascar: an island full of adventures

Madagascar. The perfect destinations for all the adventurous travelers and those who desire a gateway from the mass tourism. It is definitely a very demanding trip, in the forth bigger island of the world. If you want to test your limits, then Madagascar is the place to do it!

If patience is your biggest asset, then you will be rewarded by the biodiversity of the island. Madagascar hosts thousands species of flora and fauna, including the famous lemurs.

Among the adorable lemurs, you will some of the greatest beaches and plenty of breathtaking landscapes.


A trip to Madagascar requires time and it is a quite slow process. I can tell for sure that it is a very uncomfortable place to be a tourist. You should have time to explore the island and live as an adventure -as it is the best way to live it.


The truth is that, as in many African countries, Madagascar, alongside the beaches, splendid scenery and African savannah, you will face a lot practical problems that will make your daily life difficult. The communication with the locals is an issue where you will not find a solution, since English is not as common as we are used to. In addition, the transportation to the various places is quite tiring since the rental of a vehicle is not that usual and the means of transport are a lot of old technology.

On the other hand, the food is quite delicious and consists mainly of meat, while the only drinking water comes in bottles. The power plugs follow the standards of Central Europe (220V with a double spike), while the country is relatively safe, especially if we consider the standards of other African countries.

So let’s go a little deeper into the heart of the country to get to know the true value of the island.

Adventurous side of Madagascar

If you ever find yourself in Madagascar, then you will swim in crystal clear waters, you will do climbing, trekking and any other activity you can imagine. Among all this, you can visit one of the many national parks that the island has to show us, such as the Isalo National Park. It is an area of 814 square kilometers covered by natural swimming pools, rocky formations, canyons, wildlife and much more.


Unique will be the experience if you visit and dive into Anakao. This popular fishing village of Madagascar is ideal for scuba diving, surfing and kite-when the weather so permits. The above activities may be relatively common, but the scenery and the golden shore surrounding the blue waters will certainly offer a moment of uniqueness.


Still, you should not miss the Baobab’s avenue. It is a distinguished set of Baobab trees that surround the road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in the state of Menabe. It is clearly a breathtaking scenery, which brings together travelers from all over the world who wish to admire and capture the popular and rare phenomenon in their photographic lens.


Sure, a trip to Madagascar is very demanding and requires patience and a lot of perseverance. But it is sure that you will enjoy every minute of your visit. It’s not just a country shot out of a movie, but it’s an island full of adventures.

Will you discover them?

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