~Italian Alps: The white Valley of Aosta~

There are some places on earth that seem to have been created, just to discover them. Hidden in the dusty pages of our library and surrounded by mountains, cities with undescribable beauty and ancient history. We may never discover them all, but today we will talk about an unknown diamond of the Italian Alps, 110 kilometers north and west of Turin. Aosta, enchanting emerges between the firs and the icy winters of the Alps.

Immersed in a valley, Aosta, it is a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists arriving to admire the city’s natural scenery but also to experience its hundreds of years of history. Attractions of the Roman Empire and ski slopes will magneze the heart of the traveler.

Travel to Aosta
What to See …

Teatro RomanoLumi-Toma-Aosta-winter-Christmas-3.jpg

Among the many attractions you will see, the first one should be the Teatro Romano. It is a monument that, according to its name, was a theater built during the last years of the August Empire. It will surprise you that it has been remarkably well preserved and is now a trademark of the city, since the arch, rising to 13 meters, contains strong signs of this old civilization.

Parco Nazionale



It is a national park, and perhaps the most beautiful scenery you will ever experience in your life. From the low altitude of the plain, to the chilled altitude of the mountain, it will enchant you. Green in the summer months and white in winter, it is suitable for winter activities and of course, skiing. The view that offers you is absolutely unique and the landscape looks out of a painting, Make a stop at Parco Nazionale and you will get pictures and feelings that will follow you forever.

Piazza Emile Chanoux3ba8fca93c1e1231dbed51fc24927a5f.jpg


A still well-preserved 19th-century monument, Piazza Emile Chanoux combines the archaeo-roman element with Aosta’s commercial and business buildings. Enjoy a walk on the stone square with the imposing Town Hall.

What to do…cortina_inverno_notturna_.jpg


After following the above-necessary steps and enjoying the Aosta-filled story, visit the Courmayeur ski resort. Courmayeur is located a few kilometers outside the city and is an ideal destination for nature lovers and ski lovers alike. It offers an exciting combination of a beautiful village with fantastic views of Mont Blanc with a plethora of ski slopes for all tastes.

The village has a beautiful center with minimal traffic, narrowly paved alleys and beautiful well-preserved old buildings, which host bars, restaurants and elegant shops.

When the slopes close the picturesque streets of the village, life is filled and night entertainment begins. The restaurants vary from rustic cottages on the mountains, to luxurious halls offering gourmet dishes.

Chiecco and Maison Vieille offer excellent cuisine, while Cadran Solaire, La Tarrazza and Piazetta are ideal for dinner. In the village you will find many beautiful places for a drink before dinner, including Bar Roma with its comfortable sofas, Bar Privé with an excellent cocktail variety and Caffe della Posta, which together with cocktails offers a variety of snacks for free. Cheaper dining options include Courba Dzeleuna, as well as some pizzerias such as Du Tunnel and Ancien Casino.

Courmayeur’s small ski area is the most suitable for amateurs, but there are also slopes ideal for professionals. The facilities in the ski and the sloping are extraordinary.

Aosta and Courmayeur may not be a cosmopolitan destination but contain beautyness that many famous European cities would be jealous of. It will be an excellent decision to visit the city as well as the village, as you will see some of the most beautiful landscaoes of neighboring Italy and the frozen Alps.

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