~A Trip To Wildlife~

If you love animals and nature, this is the ideal trip for you. Nature will bring you into direct contact with your own self, your thoughts, your body and your feelings. It will give you a sense of freedom and immediate wellness. In these magical places, you will find your psychic serenity away from the daily stress. Sunlight, clean air, contact with animals, the feeling of water on your body will work positively on your mental and physical health.

Pantanal’s wildlife


At dusk, you can see the bowed figure of a giant 1.5m-long jambier stork as it goes down to the edge of the water. When the northern parts of the Paraguay River overflow and flood the fields, Pantalal is transformed into a huge waterfront where you can take a boat ride and see clusters of aquatic birds that have set a feast in front of a vast abundance of fish and molluscs. You can also sit on the back of a horse and climb higher in the shelters of many land mammals. The 210,000 sq. Km. of Pantanal are the treasure of wildlife all year round. You are likely to encounter, deer, ferrets or swarms of butterflies. Evening excursions hide unique delights, as you can face the shining eyes of a coyote.

Elephant Safari


A walk on the back of an elephant is the best way to see the wild species of the park, and the most famous Indian unicorn, rhino. As soon as you climb on the back of this bold animal that starts with a sloppy and heavy walking, keep it firmly because it will make you stomping from one side to the other. In just a few minutes, you enter pastures full of deer. As soon as you begin to get used to this movement, the elephant enters the jungle abruptly by cutting speed slowly. Its stability is impressive. Every animal you see on the route will also give you a new thrill. It might be a gorgeous blue-tailed frog, a wild boar, a tiny deer or a bull.

Watching the Azores whales


The frozen sea drops will hit your cheeks in the search of whales. Suddenly you see one on the horizon and the observer shouts “Whale on the horizon”. You never imagined how you could be so close to a whale. The waters around these small volcanic islands are a magnet for whales and many species are swimming there throughout the year. The largest and most common species is the bellows, but you can also see pilots, blue whales, big-eyed birds and bark beetles. Do not just make a whale watching trip, throw yourself into the islands and live something different at a time. On the land, finish your day with a relaxed dinner with local dishes and wine, along with the friendly residents of the area.

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    Awesome pics…Wow

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    1. Truly amazing. Thank you 🙂


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