~Journey For The Brave~

With a sleigh in Alaska


Enjoy the isolation of nature by passing through snow-covered areas on a sleigh that draws it gorgeously. Take a seat on the sled, relax the hooks and the dogs rush silently on the road. All you hear now is the slim grip of the sled and the gentle sounds from the footprints of the animals in the snow. Spruce trees (tree species) on both sides of the path are loaded with ice gems. Longer, the highest peak in North America, 6,194 m above sea level, dominates Denali. Footprints from American alkows and foxes resemble scars on the snow, while crows ripple the sky. Sometimes the dogs turn their heads and if you follow their gaze, you will find white ravens or some arctic hare to jump. In this untouched landscape you are alone with the only companion dogs.

Rafting to Grand Canyon


Feel the indomitable power of Colorado, the river that melt the walls of Grand Canyon. At some points, the river hits the sides of Grand Canyon with fury and speed. It will seem almost impossible for a person to survive in such currents until you become witnesses to the skill of the experienced drivers who maneuver the boats of the kayak raft and rowing for 450 km. For much of the trip the waters are calm, to relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery, and once a day there is time to explore the prehistoric ruins of the Anasazi tribe or nature miracles, such as the cave-filled cave of Sandl Canyon. Colorado, fueled by melted snow in the Rocky Mountains, is not suitable for swimming, but in summer, in some minor canyons, small lakes are ideal for swim. The serene moments on the sandy shores alternate with moments of flashback adrenaline, as the inflatables are confronted by currents like the so-called “Roaring Twenties”.

In the caves of Puerto Rico

Sun Shining Into Cavern

Get ready to get wet, dirty and tired of this unforgettable underground adventure, a cave system lost in the dense jungle. The day begins when it is scratched, so you meet your drivers and head to a rich tropical forest. It’s hard to believe you are only 80 km away from the bustling capital of Puerto, San Juan. On the road you ‘ll stop for an intensive downhill course. Then hang from a zip-lining over the foliage of the forest, looking up the area as you head towards to the cave of Angeles. Your heart stops for a moment as you face the huge sink under your feet: to get to the cave, you have to go through it. Hanging from the rope, slide down from a height of 76 meters. to the mouth of the cave. After wearing a life jacket and speargun with a flashlight, you are ready to explore the underground world. There are bats, spiders, scorpions, crabs and huge stalagmites and stalactites, the fossils of strange marine beings, as well as an underground rushing river. You open your way over sharp limestone rocks, through narrow chambers and huge caves, and then you start to sail supper with your feet leading you by rafting your body to the River Kamoui. Once you get out of the cave, you will have begun to enjoy the magical world you left behind.

Belize’s coral reef


Enter to the colorful submarine world in the Western Caribbean. This gate offers unforgettable dives. Although smaller than Australia’s Great Coral Dam, it hosts more than 500 species of fish and 65 species of coral. Between the reef and the shore, eight lagoons and wetlands are formed, and more than 450 tropical islands, the so-called rails, where they host frigates and shrubs. The best base for diving is San Pedro in Cayo Amperi, the largest island on the northern edge of the reef. For many visitors the most impressive vegetation is the amazing, blue-green waters of the Blue Hill, a huge circular difference in the center of Lithuanian, less than 80 km southeast of San Pedro. Belize’s most seawater waters have places with even richer marine life, such as the impressive Haf Moon Covenant or the fish-filled area outside Long Caie, called Aquarium.

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  1. I want to do all of these!

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    1. Me too. I hope we’ll make it one day.

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  2. I would love to visit Alaska, many people run to beaches for vacation. But, for me the mountains call to me, like an old friend. I feel home there, peace, and I feel the presence of the universal all or God. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. It is most inspiring.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I know exactly for what you’re talking about. I have the same feelings with you. For me, the mountains is the place I meant to be. The biggest the high, the closest to the sky.


  3. Alaska is always on my wish list! Amazing fjords and mountains..and glaciers..😊

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