~Camera Pruveeo P3 Giveaway-The Winner~

After a long week, the contest comes to an end. I received many comments and I talked with beautiful people. I want to thank every one of you from the bottoms of my hearts, for all your support and all the great words you said to me. You gave life to this contest with all your positivity. The winner has been chosen randomly and despite the fact that some of you might need it or want it more, I want to be fair to all of the candidates.


So, the winner is… David Perez!!! Congratulations David, you are the lucky one who won the camera. You wanted it, you tried it and and you won it!! I am really happy for you. Hope you will use the camera with the best possible way. I will email you for the details!! Congratulations again.

Thank you everybody for participate. More gifts are coming. Blessings.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. David Perez says:

    My God! I can’t believe it. I am really shocked.Thank you very much Phil. You made my day. I really wanted that ‘win’. I don’t use to win anything so, I want to thank every one of you. Better men than me, might deserved it, but I really needed this camera. Thanks again!! I will use your gift smoothly.

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    1. Congratulations David. I am really happy for you! You sound like a men worthy for the gift. Use the camera in the best way!! I have already email you for the details.


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