~4 Summer Road Trip That Will Change Your Life~

Every traveler who respects himself has made at least once in his life road trip. I am not referring to those little trips that we all went with our parents, but to journeys that are indelibly crafted in the mind. Travels that we repeat constantly with our memory and moments that make us recall those carefree days.

Travels that can last for weeks, are destined for the unknown and are described in a word … freedom. Long driving is rewarded by the night sky view, while sleeping in the car will pay you back with the sun looking out of the depths of the sea. When we talk about road trip we forget the comforts and we accept the mental luxury.

Today, we will see the 4 summer road trip that could change the life of a traveler forever and offer memories, experiences and pictures that no hotel in the world is capable of offering.
The Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Distance: 1070 km

For many of us, the idea of ​​road trip is linked to America. This trip to the Pacific Ocean coast offers you the opportunity to discover every beauty that is hidden on the southern coastline of America, as it comes along with famous cities and sights such as San Francisco, Malibu, San Diego and Monterrey. At the stops you can admire the hidden beaches and climb the green hills.


The Great Ocean Road, Australia

Distance: 150 miles

The stunning landscapes Australia has to offer making her one of the most beautiful countries in the world. “Journey of the Great Ocean” as mentioned, begins from Anglesea on the southeast coast and ends at Warnambool. Between the two regions there are few towns, while the barren and often wild countryside dominates with the view of the ocean. The landscape is enriched by the great beaches and the thousands of surfers who flock to their wild waters.


The Trans-Canada Highway, Canada

Distance: 8046.72 km

The largest road trip on this list and one of the largest ones to meet, is the intercontinental and crosses Canada at 8046.72 km. It is a journey that requires great physical strength, but if you manage to accomplish it, you will have made the ultimate road trip.

The Trans-Canada Highway starts west in the green British Columbia and ends up in the remote Newfoundland and Labrador. It includes a strong choice of cities – Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, Ottawa – as well as natural wonders such as the Glacier National Park and the Banff National Park.


Sognefjellsvegen, Norway

Distance: 751 km

It’s very hard to believe that this place is real when you look at it, and maybe you feel the same way even when you drive to Sognefjellsvegen. This different, surrealist section of the road between Bergen and Oslo passes through the famous Norwegian fjords and climbs up into the beautiful and frozen mountains.

Perhaps its most famous feature is the Lærdal tunnel, the largest in the world, at 15 miles. It was built to cover special caves and provide illumination, preventing drivers from losing their concentration or being ‘crazy’ by the magical landscape.


Source: gapyear

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  1. damarisb513 says:

    I’ve been on the Great Ocean Road tour and it has been the favorite and best thing I have ever done! I hope to be able to do the other three on this post!


    1. Oh you re very lucky!! I hope to get the chance to make those trips as well!!

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