~Read It Everybody- Serious Proposal~

I came up with an idea. To be accurate, I was thinking about this since I first started blogging. When I decided to create my blog I was in bad psychological state and I was really wanted to talk with people anonymously. I was wanted to express my feelings and my thoughts through words which I made posts or articles. I achieved my goal. I started communicate with people who helped me with their ideas whether they did, or they didn’t know it. I believe that I helped some of these people too. So today, after few months of daily blogging I believe that is time to proceed to my idea.

WordPress counts, almost 13 million users. I know that, between these 13 million, there are people who need advises and people who are able to help us get through some of our problems. People who might can change someone’s life. So, here what I suggest..
In order to thank the people who helped me, and help or be helped by others I want this post to spread in every blogger.

I believe it could be great if people with the same problems could communicate each other and give advises to each other.

I will make the start now and in the comments, and I will show you the way I imagine it.

”Phil Soukoulis

-Panic attacks”

Just that is enough!!

If you support my idea make a comment below, spread and share the post with your friends and let blogging bring us together.


41 thoughts on “~Read It Everybody- Serious Proposal~

  1. This is such a lovely idea Phil, I really hope this catches on for other people and helps you too πŸ™‚ I often lose hope over finding a job I enjoy, and I feel quite lonely sometimes because most of my friends live abroad. But I’m not giving up and neither should you! Something good will come along for the both of us and I’m always here to chat if you, or anyone else on here wants to πŸ™‚

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    1. Very kind to say that! I am sure for that. Sometime, eventually we find that we are looking for. I am already in better shape, so I wish the same for you too. Good people always find their path, so I am sure about you πŸ™‚

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  2. I know clinical depression is different from my experiences with situational depression, but there have been some dark years and times (in my early twenties and later with my divorce) when I did not know how I would go on. Working on me, focusing on my loves, and believing in the possibility of hope, helped me find climb out of the pit. In time, God can take something awful and use it to make something good. You never know what wonderful surprises are waiting for you. I wish you the best.

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    1. I know for fact, that both ways have their own difficulties. As I refer, time matters on this situation and I believe time helped you heal…at least it helped me. Its is really resourceful to focus on you and your closest ones. Thank you for been here. Wishing you the best too.


  3. Phil, life is tough. But if things get too tough, just visit your primary care physician. For real. Tell him how you feel. There are meds that won’t change your situation, but will change how you feel about the world inside. Just an idea. A lot of us, including both my wife and I, have done this.

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    1. That is true. I have to say for fact Wayne, that I talked to people who were specialists on psychological problems and now months later, I am already better..inside and outside. Thank you for your advise. I am wishing the best to you and your wife.


  4. Most of the times I’m in the state of being happy. I get depressed only when I over think the person I was in my past. I used to write in my journal when I used to be sad back in the days. Now, blogging and writing few posts every day or once in few days has helped me bring down my over-thinking. Also, there are few posts from bloggers which really inspires me and keeps me motivated.
    Phil, this idea of yours is truly good. Nice job!

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    1. It’s really nice hearing that you manage your feelings that way. It is really resourceful to write your thoughts, even less than you used to do. I am glad to hear that you like my idea!! Thank you for your support.

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    1. Unfortunately the only heal for this problem is confidence. I have the same feeling all the time and i can’t leave it behind, but it is a huge burden and I am really tired of thinking not to disappoint others in situations i can’t do anything more


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