I’m trying. I really am. I’m always fighting and trying to be strong. But there are those days, which I’m on my knees. Today it is worse. Today I’m down. Not just in my knees. I feel the ground touching my face, and the cold stone hurting my chest. It’s one thing to be a fighter and another one to heal your wounds. I know I’m a fighter … it’s time to learn if I can heal myself, too.

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  1. txtmstrjoe says:

    Be with friends and/or family. They help you as you help them. Peace be to you.

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  2. I’m sorry you are down. My thoughts are with you

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    1. You are really kind!!Thanks, appreciate it.


  3. Sorry to hear, Phil. Take time out for yourself and I hope you will feel better soon.

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    1. Nice Jo-Ann. Thank you for being here. It means a lot.


  4. tonyalalonde says:

    Healing yourself presents challenges because objectivity is essential to healing and faith. That mixture is rare now for some reason. But it can be done. Much easier, however, is allowing the Creator God who knows you and what exactly is going on, to heal you. He heals like new or better. Just a thought…

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    1. Nice thought. Really helpful. God is not always the first ‘choice’ these days, but when/if everything collapses, will be an open window!!


      1. tonyalalonde says:

        Hugs to you. They help too. 😄❤

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  5. justagirlfrom94 says:

    Me too I been fighting but I need to heal first or it is all for nothing. All I try to do is pointless if I am not healed inside and so afraid. I just have not found the way to be healed because rightnow I am at a place where I feel nothing works. I found this blog and decided to just put all my thoughts in my page and it is helping me. You are helping me too. I feel thankful and that is a good feeling.

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    1. I am feeling really blessed to be in the position of helping you by my writings. Putting your thoughts and your emotions to your blog will only make you feel way better. Keep it that way and you will be fully healed in a while 🙂

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