Grand Canyon: A Life Trip to the Great Gorge

There are certain things in life that we think once in a while, and we realize their immense value and the purpose of our existence. The Grand Canyon is one of them. I am not referring to objects but to the primitive matter that has been inhabiting our Earth for millions of years. Rocks, mountains…

~It Only Takes A Moment~

All it takes is a moment. It takes a moment to decide whether you ‘ll be brave or coward. It takes a moment to decide if you’ll speak when no one does and if you’ll act when everybody stare. If you need more than that, then, I think, it’s a lost cause.


I’m trying. I really am. I’m always fighting and trying to be strong. But there are those days, which I’m on my knees. Today it is worse. Today I’m down. Not just in my knees. I feel the ground touching my face, and the cold stone hurting my chest. It’s one thing to be a…

~A True Winner~

A true winner, knows when he has lost. A true winner,respects his opponent and he is always playing by the rules. A true winner knows how to lose and when that happens, he never uses excuses.