~When Autumn Met Manhattan~

Autumn is a fact and with the first rains hitting our door, we start looking for the next place we are going to visit. While Europe may be the first in the best destinations for autumn, today we plan to travel somewhere further. Manhattan may be a city for which countless articles have been written but never enough. Someone once said, that winter is an engraving, spring is a watercolor, an oil painting is the summer, and a mosaic of all these is the autumn. So what happens when this mosaic meets New York ?!

About Manhattan…


Manhattan is one of the five New York City districts and the most important. Highly photographed and known for its skyscrapers, today it is a global economic and commercial center. It is home to many large companies. It is a worldwide attraction foe many visitors since it is a city with lots to see and do.

What to see/do/visit…

Park Slope Gas Lamps - New York City 2-XL.jpg

Manhattan (and generally New York) may be a popular destination the whole year, but a trip there in the autumn changes all the facts. The weather may be cold, but the changes of the colors, breaks the dull gray of the city. With plenty of attractions and activities, Manhattan is a choice for all tastes. Let’s explore it in a more autumn edition!

Central Park



We could talk for hours about it! It is the largest public park in New York and receives about 25,000,000 visitors on average, each year. We have all met it, in movies and series, and it is no wonder that it is now ranked in the most famous parks in the world. The creation of the park began in 1857 and costed a large enough amount to materialize.

Central Park is a park for every taste! It is a place that may seem natural, but it is entirely shaped. It features walking, running and cycling trails, artificial lakes, playgrounds, various sports facilities, wildlife sanctuaries and skating rinks (operating in the winter). It also has special venues for theatrical performances, concerts and other events.


Points of interest

A visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is what you need for a rainy day. Located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, it is one of the largest art museums in the world. It was founded in 1872 and its collections exceed 2,000,000 works. It includes exhibits of Greek, Roman, Asian, classical and modern art as well as photography sections, weapons and musical instruments. A legendary, must-visit museum!m1m2m3

If the Metropolitan art is not enough for you, we suggest a visit to The Frick Collection. It is another art museum, also on 5th Avenue. The building was the home of billionaire Henry Clay Frick who loved the fine arts. A house, artwork in itself, with elegant decoration, antique furniture and objects, paintings and sculptures of great European artists and more.


As long as you run out of activities, which is hard to happen in New York, we have something more to recommend to you. Go to one of the observatories (see Manhattan Skyline) from where you can admire the city with its skyscrapers. A unique spectacle that takes your breath away! You can also visit some of the countless galleries or book a city tour to enjoy the ultimate New York experience.






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