”Long Time No See”

Hello everybody, It’s been a long since the last time I wrote here. I think, its’ been about a year now. These last twelve months had been crazy for me, but coming back here and writing to you after all this time, makes me feel warm and safe. It seems like I am back on…

~It Only Takes A Moment~

All it takes is a moment. It takes a moment to decide whether you ‘ll be brave or coward. It takes a moment to decide if you’ll speak when no one does and if you’ll act when everybody stare. If you need more than that, then, I think, it’s a lost cause.


For all these moments we spend with our friends. For all these smiles we share with our families. For all these travels who make us better and all these times we cry for a person. For all these times, I salute you.

~Travel With Friends For the Beautiful Moments~

~The greatest journey is the one you are making with your friends. I have traveled with company and I have traveled alone too. I enjoyed both of them very much, but the times I traveled alone, when I came back, I had no one to recall all these beautiful memories. So, you can travel solo…