~From The East To The West~

I have a plan. It is not a thought or a night glimpse, but it is a plan I written well a few years ago and I am fully committed to it. I want to travel every corner of this world. I will travel from the west all the way to the east. One day, I will drink my beer in Morocco and hours later I will be in Norway, looking speechless the mesmerizing view of the Fjords.

I don’t know where I will stop, but when I will do it, I will live the rest of fully experienced life in a quiet place. In a place where you I will hear the sound of the wind, maybe near a river. Carefree in a house made of wood, up in a hill where the snow will fall from November to March. I will have my dogs, my guitar, my fireplace, my books, my music and a few cigarettes that I will talk to while I will listen to the blues.

It is not much. I know that, but that’s my plan. My Life Plan!


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  1. lena says:

    A beautiful life ✨

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  2. Litsa says:


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  3. hoope says:

    Sounds amazing way to live the rest of ur life … i need that too ☺️


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