~The Man Who Done It All~

My mind is full of thoughts. I am thinking about places, ideas, work, family, love and hate. I am interested in everything. I wanna travel, I wanna Think, I wanna make a family, I wanna love and I wanna hate. It takes a moment to feel complete, as it takes a moment to feel empty. I am not afraid of success, neither failure. I just want to be the man who done it all.


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  1. I can understand your desire to be all and do all, but speaking from a few years of life and knowing the wonderful saving grace of God in my life for over 40 years, the only thing we can to that really amounts to anything of significance is doing the will of God from out hearts.


  2. Litsa says:

    Final article!!!!

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    1. Thank you very much Litsa. Appreciate it!!


  3. I like this…it made me smile! I’m just a bit older than you so I could amend it to say: Woman who did all she had the time and energy to do!


  4. I’m feeling the same way as well! Glad to see a post that voices whats inside of my mind. HEHEHE 😀

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  5. I want to be loveeed! Lol

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