~Elegy Of A Wanderer~

I traveled in places a man will never travel. I saw beauty and sadness at the same time. I wandered in unforgettable and unique places, just to complete my life tasks. Traveling may not made me prettier, taller or richer but now I am able to see life with a beauty I could have never imagined. I understood how small I am in this world, and I tried to create my masterpiece through my stories and my photos. I am not the perfect man, but I am a man who knows how perfectness looks like, and that it can take many forms. The lights of Eiffel Tower, the night sky of Bangkok, the silent wind at Bali and the snowy trees of Shonetta are some of these forms. I found a dream and I followed it wherever I should. Today, I feel full of life, but I will never stop. I don’t wanna rest. I am a wanderer.


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  1. A wanderer only rests when peace seeps into the heart from a full, joyful spirit God plants in us. But wonder never ceases on its quest for beauty/glory of God in everything and everywhere. And finding it is sweet perfection.❤

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