~The Magical World Of Disneyland~

There is a place in Europe where dreams come true and tales come alive. A paradise on Earth, which for 25 years allows us to get a little taste of what we dreamed when we were young. The favorite part of the children and the big ones. We are talking for the huge European but also global attraction which hears in the name Disneyland. Of the most popular tourist destinations in France, after the Eiffel tower and the Louvre, Disneyland hosts about 13.4 million people a year. It’s an artistic overproduction based on Walt Disney’s films and fairy tales. A magical area of 19,400 square kilometers, with a huge number of themed trains, cinemas, shops, parks and hotels.

So, if you traveled all the way to France and had a whole day to spent at Disneyland, how would you use it? Continue until the end of the article if you are a true fan of Disney’s great magic world, and we will tell you the best way.

Wake Up Earlydisnee


The temptations you encounter in a place like Disneyland are countless, so do the visitors. The earlier you decide to start your day, the fewer visitors you will come across when you enter the park and the trains. This way, you will have more time to devote and pictures to capture from this unique place.

The Trains You Will Enjoytrain


If it’s your first visit to Disneyland, you should definitely board at the Disneyland Railroad – Grand Circle Tour. You will enjoy a 14-minute stroll. You will see some of the most beautiful attractions of the park, through the comfortable wagons that remind something of Harry Potter. In any case, even if it is the only thing you will do, live the anguish and reach the highest of your adrenaline in the Pirates of the Caribbean. It is the most famous train of the park and is, perhaps, the most famous attraction the park has to offer.

The Castles You Will Seeκοιμ


The beauty of the park lies in the fact that it has managed to create a fantastic world so successful that just a visit, sinks you into the magic of fairy tales. The castles that decorate the park, which you can visit, raise the demands and are in any case some of the attractions worth seeing. The castle of Sleeping Beauty and the one of queen Aurora are the greatest examples of what we mention.

The Places You Will Eatcart


The Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge is the place you will want to eat when you get to Disneyland. Wonderfully landscaped, retro-style place which isn’t lacks elegance and taste. It preserves the element of the park and despite the glamor and the excellent aesthetics, it does not escape the magic that the visitor seeks.

Whatever the purpose of your visit, it is certain that you will gain memories, moments and feelings that you will never forget. Some may consider Disneyland as another theme park with some very impressive exhibits, but the truth is different. It is a brilliant world built in a beautiful city, far away from problems. It’s the magic world of Disneyland.


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