~Mindset Change~

Happiness. We have learned that happiness lies in the objects. A car and a house to hide our joy. Ηelp a homeless, feed a stray dog, believe someone who all question and then you will know happiness. Cars are nice. Houses are great. True happiness, however, needs a mindset change to be achieved.


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  1. CinnamonGirl says:

    Truthful and amazing post. Such a positive blog wonderful and well needed in this world.

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    1. This might be the nicest thing someone said for my blog. Much appreciation for your words. 🙂

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      1. CinnamonGirl says:

        It is all true and you are very welcome. Keep up the great work your readers are enjoying it. 🙂

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      2. Thank you for all the support. It means a lot. I will try to prove you right! 🙂

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      3. CinnamonGirl says:

        I am sure you will blessings to you

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  2. Kevin Baum says:

    Agree! Happiness (to me) is equal parts self-reflection, self-investment, and humility. The confidence to live for oneself vs. another is paramount.

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    1. Really glad to hear that. We should starve the ego and feed the soul.

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  3. Shayra says:

    Well said😊.Totally agree with you.Happiness is in giving .

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    1. Glad to hear it 🙂


      1. Shayra says:

        Welcome .Thanks for visiting😊

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      2. It was my pleasure!

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  4. yes, happiness is a mindset. And not an end goal
    Happiness is within and happiness is giving a part of yourself 🙂

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    1. That was really beautiful. And to be honest I am really into what you ‘re saying . Thank for give sometime to read and write this great comment 🙂

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