~We Are Giving Gifts-Need Your Contribution~

I am very excited doing this announcement. Life Plan starting a cooperation with some companies and I  proudly announce that, we are able to offer you some gifts for FREE. Most known as giveaways.

It is pretty obvious that every one of us love travels. So I need you to tell me to the comments, which are the items you need the most in your travels. Until now I have make a settlement about a camera and  a luggage with 2 different companies.

Tell me, what do you need the most when you travel, and which items will make you take part to the contest. Everyone will be able to take part and I will announce the details, when the days comes.

Get Ready, gifts are coming!!!


23 thoughts on “~We Are Giving Gifts-Need Your Contribution~

    1. The camera gift is about to happen on the next few days. I wish everything to go well and then I will try to giveaway a laptop. Although, I don’t believe that laptop is including on the necessary travel gear ;). Such a good idea. I really love music, so headphones will be totally a giveaway in the next month.

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  1. A great book to read for the travel time, and that of the best of companion in that of a best friend to share all your memories with. If not a camera, a phone with a camera to capture memories heart to picture. I could do without all else if I had the accompaniment of that of best friend to relish the adventure with.

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    1. Beautiful idea Lisa. These are the two things I mostly need to my travels (plus the headphones). I will totally giveaway a book, but first I have to choose it wisely. As I said, camera will be given away in the next 5-6 days.

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      1. I did not do it for the prize. This is just a super cool thought in and of itself. As it has been years since I have had a vacation. Been reading of all the FB posts and vacations. It really made me think what would I need. I am now in dream land as I sit outside soaking up our sun today. Thanks for taking me there if only for a moment. Great post!!

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