~The Contest Is Over- The Results~

Hello, everyone. It is the 21st day of June and as I announced last week, today I am going to give you the results of the contest(link) I run through my blog. For those who might didn’t know for what I am talking about, I inform you that I announce a contest and I was asking for other bloggers to post on the comment section of my post their most intriguing/interesting or their beloved story.

And THEY DID. I was really surprised for the comments and the stories I received. I read almost 45 stories and I have make my decision. I read beautiful articles written by great people, but I have to say that I chose those who talked straight to my heart.

As I said I will announce 2 bloggers with the greatest posts ( in my opinion) and I will post their articles to my blog ( the first tomorrow and the second, the day after tomorrow). So here it is…

1)  A Song In My Heart(link)

Robin open her heart to other readers( including me) and gave me the chance to read her article named  ‘The Day I Said Goodbye To My Sister'(link). I don’t have much to say. This article really hit me straight to my feelings. It made me feel the way she felt and brought feelings and thoughts in the surface of my heart and my mind, that I really had a long time to feel. Beautiful work Robin. I will always supporting you. Check Robin’s blog and I am sure you will be glad for that.

2) Life Particles(link)

The second article I really loved is came from Life Particles. ‘What if we Could'(link)’ made me thinking a lot. It is a great post with a ‘never give up’ character and I really loved it. It talks about the human connection and the  relationships with a perspective which finds me really positive. Give a moment and check the blog. You will find beautiful posts and thoughts written straight by the heart.


Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who made this ‘contest’ meaningful. All the posts I read was really beautiful (you can still check them to the comment section of my post) and I am really glad that I get to know people like you, even behind from my desktop’s screen. Blessings.


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  1. Vivian Zems says:

    Will check these out.👍🏽

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    1. Thank you! There are both very beautiful.

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  2. Nice stories 👌
    Did you really mean to write meaningless instead of meaningful in that last paragraph

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    1. What a mistake…thank you for notice it and pointed out…I just correct that. Thank you!!

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      1. No problem..anytime 🙂

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  3. I am so grateful and honored that you found my article to be worthy, and mostly that it touched your heart in such a way. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement!

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    1. It is my pleasure. You earn everything good I said about your article. Keep writing posts like that, so we could be able to read beautiful thoughts.

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  4. Lively Life says:

    I am so goodly overwhelmed Phil! My heart beams and my steps are filled with extra liveliness. I appreciate you reading all of those. I gather you are a very sweet and meaningful person. Thank you so much again. You must be a beautiful soul.

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    1. It was my pleasure and I really loved every post I read. I am trying to be the best of myself. Thank fro your beautiful words and congratulations again!

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  5. Terri R. says:

    I so enjoyed reading the posts in the comments! Thank you again Phil!


    1. Thank you very much Terri, and thank you for participated.

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