~Stop Running And Face Your Problems~

Sometimes we run, trying to get away from our fears and our responsibilities. At the end of the day, our cowardness is that who keep us awake, and making us asking ”what the hell I have done”. Me more than others, know what means to run. I have some shameful moments to my resume and I know now that facing the problem is the only solution. No matter if you ‘ll succeed or not, at least you will not a coward.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Things We Hide Inside and commented:
    Wow. Speaks to me so much. It’s what my counselor accuses me of constantly.

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    1. I am glad i manage to express your feelings!! Thank you for reblogged this 🙂


  2. Love. Reblogged this I hope that’s ok.


  3. Vinay says:

    Reblogged this on Optimistic Odyssey and commented:
    It takes courage to face all the hurdles.


    1. Yes it does!! Thanks for reblogged my post

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