Photo Of The Day By Nat Geo


Rakher Upobash Image, Bangladesh


9 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day By Nat Geo

  1. Are you around? I had a question by what you meant about my blog name? I had a totally other name picked out for over a year. I ended up going with something totally different. A few weeks back I thought about doing the change with a write about why I did it. It seems like I write but not from unkempt heart or person. I was but am not now. I am reading pro’s and cons to changing your blog name. I just wanted to ask you what exactly you meant. Also I did my Versatile award. ๐Ÿ˜Š


      1. You said something like it seemed like an odd choice. I tried to find the comment. I had another name picked for years. Do you think it odd with the content. I write more inspirational, and not from an unkempt me. It was being past tense. I had debated changing it but also what a hassle. So I was just wondering your meaning behind the comment?


      2. Phew…okay cool. That helps me a lot. One day maybe I will use the other name I picked yet. It is a very unique good name. It just came to me one day. I am still trying to figure out the basics of blogging. I am unsure if I want to link FB, Instagram, or Twitter. Let alone how to do it if I do decide to do that. Thanks Phil. Have a great day!!

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