A Thought On ISIS- 2001 To Yesterday

I decided to wite about the last terrorist attack which happened yesterday night, in Manchester. Once more the Islam fanatics show us their ”power” by killing young kids.In spite of the horrificity that has been caused by the attacks, I find it more appropriate to focus on a wider war framework and a whole set of events that have led us here. Ι personally don’t blame Allah or Islam, i blame people. Of course i condemn and reject such means of attack and of course the murders, but religion and religious leaders are just a pretext. As WW1, WW2, the US invasion of Iraq and many other wars showed us that there are always people who will be motivated by the few, will be greedy and they will kill without hesitation.Thus, as the US approach to Iraq was based on economic and geopolitical interests, in the same way Islamist attacks have an interest in expansionist politics and economic sovereignty. In the first case, the attacks were covered from 9/11, while in present days mass murders are being organized on the pretext of religious differences.It is reasonable and necessary to condemn and chase the Islamic threat, but we should had condemned in the same way, the murders of the Palestinian people by the Americans and the Iraqis. At the same time we have to take into account the fact that ISIS was born with the wishes and the help of NATO. The allied powers of America, Turkey and France have equally fueled the fascist movements of the Middle East, both economically and warily, in order to overthrow the Syrian regime. But they didn’t manage to keep them under their control.Thus, before we make a nationalistic frenzy, I propose that we make our own governments’ accounts. I’m not liberal, I’m not nationalist, I’m just a thinker.


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