Depression- The Most Painful Fight

~Unfortunately, from a recent post i made, i realize that, there are plenty of you out there, who struggling with depression.  So i decided, as a struggler myself, to write again about the wound who destroys every brick of our soul, piece by piece. I know, for fact, that is difficult to talk about it and even more to admit it. It is difficult because these who haven’t been through a situation like this, can not understand the way it hurts. At first, it seems like a change in the mood, you don’t want talk with your friends and it feels meaningless to leave the house or the bed. Day by day, this psychological transition becomes the reality you don’t wanna face. You go to the work, you walk among others, you laugh with your co-workers, wearing your happy mask, hiding all your problems. And that is the difficult part, because depression hits first the mind. I can’t remember when it was the last time i had a moment of clarity. Αll these scattered thoughts, which keeps you up all night and never leaving. The things i was enjoy in the past, i don’t enjoy them anymore. I was liking the wind in my face and now it leaves me indefferent. I try things that made me happy in the past with the hope that I will feel for a little the joy I felt then, but it does not happenning. If life is a forest, people with depression can only see the tree. It is a disease that makes you alienated from your friends and your relatives, makes you feel useless and it kills every self-esteem trail. However, a person can not live with these emotions. The only solution is to fight to get out of this situation. Whatever support you have, this battle is yours. You have to find a way to heal your mind and your soul. The damage caused by depression is so deep that is almost impossible to come back from the bottom … but you can recover the biggest part of yourself.  We have become the society of Prozac,, and we shouldn’t.Take the first step and talk to someone. Blessings.~


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