Blue Whale- A Suicide Game

I don’t get used to writing about stuff like this on my blog but i recently heard about a game for mobile devices, called Blue Whale, and to be honest i am very troubled. You might also heard that game refered as ”A Silent House”, ”A Sea Of Whales” or ”Wake Me Up At 4:20 AM”. The game is very easy to be explained. First of all, you have to sign up to the game, and then you will receive a message from the administrator who explains to the player that if the game starts there is no way back. At this point you decide if you will continue or not. In case you choose to continue you will have to complete a task which is composed by 50 challenges. There is a level of difficulty among the challenges, so at the beggining the player will face the easiest question and during the game the challenges will be getting more difficult. During the game the player has communication with the administrator, like a photo gallery which proofs that the player has complete the challenge. Now, to be more accurate i want to explain the challenges. Player might face a challenge which asks him to wake up at 4 AM, to watch a horror movie at 3 AM the night, to scratch his skin with letters, as the administrator demands, until the final challenge which asks from the player to Kill Himself (to commit suicide). The game has designed and got popular in Russia. Furthemore, is rumored that 130 children commited suicide in Russia, most of them under 17 years old. I am really shocked hearing all this details but i believe that, despite the game, parents have a blame when their kids are commiting suicide. Firstly, because they let their kids uncontrollable on the web and secondly, because they might not gave their kids the attention they needed. Blessings.


9 thoughts on “Blue Whale- A Suicide Game

  1. My friend was telling me about this, I didn’t believe my friend. I guess I should’ve, I don’t understand why someone in their right mind would want to play that game. Nor do I understand why someone in their right mind would create such an awful game!

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