Being There For A Total Stranger- A Real Depression Story

Sometimes your words and your compassion are enough to save one person’s life. You don’t have to do much, just care for a few minutes and listen to the other. Affected by this thought i quote a real life story of a girl who came close to suicide caused of her depression.

”About 1 year ago I was suffering from depression after my boyfriend left me. I was stumbling around in the darkness with no one to help me, then, I met someone, Katie. Out of pure coincidence we just met at a local park and started talking and hanging out. I got better, and then all of a sudden boom, Katie apparently had been depressed about events in her life and didn’t tell me, she, ended up killing herself and I ended up in the exact same place I was only worse. I was about a couple hours from ending my life when I got a call on my cell phone. This girl that I barely knew, knew what I was going to do, I told her the entire story, crying to her and her comforting me. Then after I finished I sighed, and said, “You know the story so you know what to tell people why I did it.” She says “no, you will tell the story, you will be alive tomorrow morning, and the day after, why? Think about what you are planning on doing. You are thinking about ending your life, you have so many people that care about you, including me. You remember how you felt when Katie died?” “Yes” “Is that really how you would want other people to feel about you and possibly end up like you are now?” *I start crying again* “No, I’m sorry, I just, I didn’t know, what I was thinking, I was just so upset and blinded *I continue to cry and do stuff like that until she eventually lulls me into deep sleep. The next morning, I call her on the phone “Hey, I wanted to tell you something” “sure what is it?” “I wanted to thank you for saving my life, thank you for listening to me and preventing me from scaring the people I love forever, thank you for Being There”


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  1. Listening is important, sometimes more important than advice or any feedback. Just let the person talk.

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    1. Completely agree.Mostly when a person tries so hard to express such feelings

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      1. True and by keep talking eventually it can become for that person more clear in the head.

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  2. Renata says:

    I love this story, Phil. I’m struggling with depression and I’ve had similar thoughts to this girl. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t stand living anymore, so I moved to my mom’s house and I’ve had support from some people (most people in my life don’t really know about how this disease works). It was and is paramount because I can put out there all of my irrational being and don’t get reprimanded or called lazy. *quick heads up: I’m making a comment using this account, but my blog address has changed into*

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    1. Unfortunately depression comes through many ways and feelings. Sometimes it’s easier to talk for your problems, your thoughts and your eomtions to ‘strangers’. There are many people who believe that depression is a dicease..i am sure you know it is not. I hope know that you manage to control your feelings and i want to tell you that through this fight you gave you are stronger and more expierienced to give advices to others with the same mental difficulties!!!(I check your blog and i follow so we could be in touch šŸ™‚ )

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      1. Renata says:

        I believe it’s a disease, Phil, and it stems from anxiety. So, you’re right when you say if I can deal with my feelings it will get easier. It is a pathology, unlike emotions like sadness and rage, because it compromises everything in our lives, it makes our bodies exhausted. Not for a week, but for months, years… Anyway, thank you for checking my blog.

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      2. You seem to know more about depression. Furthermore, despite the name we give(illness,dicease or pathology) you should fight with any possible way. Thank you for talking to me and teach me some things…I will always be here to listen to you, if and when you need it.

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      3. Renata says:

        Thank you for the support, Phil. It’s always valid to learn things and I still have a lot to learn.


  3. Touching story, if only we all could be more sensitive to what other people are going through. Thanks for stopping by my page.


    1. Thank you too as well! I agree with you, we act heartlessly sometimes..we use to talk and not to hear!!

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  4. Some people will probably never understand what it’s like. But God bless the people who do.

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    1. I hope it does. Despite the help and the support you been given from your relatives, you walk this path all alone!!Thank you from check me up


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