~Every Day I Am Going Back, From Where I Came~

Every day i am going back from where i came. I might live in present but i always remembering my past. I am thinking about my brothers and our happy chilhood. The way we were playing together and our innocent smiles. Our games, our fights and the way my bigger brother was tricking me and my little brother. I still remember the family vacations. A car full of five people heading for a new adventure. At least that was the way i felt it. My mum, my dad..they were younger back then, they still do, but we will never have again, that we have got back then. I live now on my own house, in a town away from my family. My brother planning to move abroad and the youngest has now grown and he is starting  his own life. We were happy back then, we are happy now too. But not with the way we were when i was young. I am missing these days and i am feeling bad when the days are passing and i realize that we are not talking that much anymore. I know we have responsibilities and despite the circumstances and the distance we will always need and love each other. I got the blues when i am thinking that we grown but through the years there is only one thing for sure..i love my family.


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  1. I agree. My siblings and I live close to each other, but we don’t see one another enough. I tell our kids who are college bound that you have to make the effort to stay connected. Reach out, plan an annual get together. Otherwise the family slips apart. I have withdrawals if I don’t see my family, so I make the effort and plan dinners and send texts. Make calls. It’s what we have to do in this world that moves so fast. Great post!

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    1. Thank you very much!! I couldn’t agree more..family is calling that way because of the strong bonds which connecting us..We have the obligation to make these bonds stronger.. I am wishing the best for your family 🙂


  2. Nick Soukoulis says:

    I just read this article! Very nice and emotional! Despite not meeting each other every day,it’s important to think of and take care of other members of your family…As far as it is possible…

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    1. I couldn’t agree more Nick. Distance doesn’t matter when there is a true connection. We are happy to have you here.


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