A Life Full Of Travels

I have always believed that the best way to be educated, to evolve as a person, and to broaden your horizons are books. I have recently found that this view is quite one-dimensional. So I was thinking that the knowledge that all those books refer to directs our thoughts to countries and places that are far too far away.
So I began to think about all those places I have not seen and all those places I have not traveled. I was thinking all the descriptions I have read and all the photos I have seen behind my screen and I was wondering if I would feel if the breeze blew me under the Giza pyramid or if I was falling from the Angels’ waterfalls in Latin America. Until then, I could not have known.
So, I started looking for ways, jobs or interests that would allow me to travel constantly. After a lot of research I found that what I was looking for was almost impossible, since I am not an athlete or an artist. Like many things in life, so traveling, it’s not everyone’s worth, especially when you ask for it in great quantity.
Of course this did not prevent me from traveling, so I gave a promise to myself. I promised that despite the circumstances, when I am given the opportunity, I will take advantage of it and make a trip at a time. So 7 years after my promise, I have managed to visit much of Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, England, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland), while I intend to visit Scandinavia and then move to the African countries.
On the substance, what I want to point out is that despite any obligations, when time is at hand, we should take advantage of it. Beyond the moments, memories and knowledge that a journey gives us, it helps us to understand how important we are to those with whom we share it. Moreover, familiarity with new customs and customs, as well as the discovery of different lifestyles and livelihoods, will help us discover our true self and deal with situations that we would never encounter in the context of our suffocating everyday life.
In closing, I think most of you out there love travel and perhaps doubt and hesitation have kept you back on several occasions. From my experience, I dare to advise you that you will only gain from your trips. Earnings of emotions and memories. So, travel as much as you can.

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