Photo Of The Day By Nat Geo



In Cambodia’s Angkor Thom, a Buddhist monk looks upon Bayon Temple—and possibly considers its secrets. “Here’s a photo of my new friend, named Annmon,” writes photographer Andy To. “I can’t put into words how amazing his insight on life was. By the end of our conversation, I noticed my face starting to hurt because of how much I was smiling.”



4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day By Nat Geo

  1. Definitely a place like this will make anyone go into a deep reflection. Every old piece of stone that is standing has a story to tell! If only the walls could talk! Beautiful picture. It was a good catch to have photographed someone making his own reflection over the temple. Well done.

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      1. I could i magine it hits you for a moment, and one thing that always come in the mind, who were the people who went there, are there anyone of them somewhere who could talk, or is there anything they wrote on paper that is somewhere around, but where? – is the question.

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