~I Can’t Live With My Regrets~

”My regrets are my past dreams. Things i never tried or said when i wanted the most.”

”I have my own haunted place. It is exists, but not as building. It is a dark corner at the end of  mind. It’s like a maze, i am trapping in and every time i turn to find the way out, i am facing my cowardness and my haunted dreams. It is my fortress of regrets.”

”There are many times, i slap myself. Not literally, but inside my mind. I punch so hard myself for all these times i should act, but i stood still. Regrets hasn’t always to do with the past. My regrets  affects my future as well. Mostly my sleep. Could you be able to live after a ‘hit and run’ accident?”

These are some thoughts i formulate my own. Altough i am sure, that there are many people i can express through this thoughts. Remember, act like you are already facing your regrets. Act correclty, to avoid regtets.Blessings.


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