The Body Doesn’t Lie

You know that you are honouring yourself when the choices you make …feel good. You can’t make a poor choice without getting that little twinge in your heart that reminds you…this might not be in your best interest.

Think of your body as your very own intelligent network. It will let you know when you are making decisions that are lifting you higher or draining your energy. Every time you tap into your intuitive nature, you are choosing from a place of wisdom. You will feel inspired, uplifted, aligned with love and feel safe. If you are making a choice from the ego mind and this is usually unconscious. You might feel temporary relief or a high followed by a gradual of loss of energy, conflicted mind, guilty feelings or inability to shake off those intrusive thoughts. You cannot live out of alignment with who you are without it having an effect. There is a breakdown of the psyche, mostly peace of mind, illness, physical symptoms and uncontrollable high and lows.

Your body is your guide. Learn to listen to it with compassion and love.


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