Do you recall when your parents would tell you to stay away from certain people because they were a bad element, or not to go to certain places in order to avoid potential problems? The places we go, things we do, and the people in our lives influence who we are and what we do. Things happen daily that have some level of influence on us. Now along with actions and words influencing us, each one of us possesses the same power to influence through our actions and words.

One very simple form of influence is a smile. When we smile at people, they will smile back the majority of the time. Saying hi to someone influences him or her to say hi back. Berating someone with harsh words typically solicits a hostile response. Someone honks at us traffic, which can influence us to honk back or flip him or her off. No matter the situation or event, influence is in play at some point.

The words you are reading at this very moment are my attempt to influence you to think and act a little different today. We are all products of our environment. There is no way around it. However, we do get to choose how to react to said influence. A quick pause can mean the difference in being spun up or making someone’s day. Happy influencing!


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