My Biggest Defect – I Will Always Be A Mediocrity In Cases I Would Be A Tough Competitor

I was thinking about my biggest defect. As it is reasonable i count to many, but i distinguish only one of them. I focus on my defect which affects me, my mood and my production on the field i deal with. So i decide that my anxiety is the factor which holds me back in many cases. It’s true i am very nervous and i get stressed very easily, despite if i have an important test, a job interview or a simple visit to the doctor. There was, and still are, many times that i couldn’t respond to a test or a presentation as a student because of my stomach ache, my nervous form and my blur thoughts. I have tried to overcome my anxiety and be more cynic, but it didn’t worked for me. In conclusion, it isn’t something i can’t ive with, but surely it my makes my life difficult. I will always be a mediocrity in cases i would be a tough competitor. Blessings.


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  1. Mr. Mel says:

    Phil, welcome to your reality, you are in good company. Many think this way, try to remember, it is not the thought but what you do with it that will determine the outcome in any situation.

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    1. Yeah, i can get what you saying…of course it is true, but sometimes you only looking for the results.I can try to determine the outcame but it will always be less than my effort

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