Is It Possible To Spend Your Whole Life With One Person?

Is it possible to spend your whole life with one person? I mean, to be a couple with a person for your whole life? The answer is practicly yes…There many examples of married couples or not who stayed together for life. My question has to do about love. You can be with your wife or your husband till death seperate you and love that person truly and deeply, but can you tell me that the feelings you found and choose that person to be your partner at first place,continuing to exist? I believe they don’t, and i believe that without the feelings and the suprise a new love can offer you, is replaceable. Of course that’s my opinion and maybe is worthless. I don’t mean to be always in the ” run”. I vote for a wife and kids and i support to settle your life at stage of your existence. I am not sure but the conclusion is that you have to settle between the happiness and the fresh feelings the unexpected can offer you, and the security of  a smoothly rolling love life with wife and children. As you can see i am confused about thath dellima and i will appreciate you opinions down below the article.Blessings.


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  1. Mr. Mel says:

    When love become surrounded by friendship, appreciation and devotion a life time is to short.

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