~The Infinite Now Of The ‘Magnificent’ Me~

How many times I gave a promise to someone? How many times I broke that promise? It is disturbing that I ”sold” someone who was counting on me and it didn’t affected my life.

Sometimes, when i fall to sleep, i recall some of these promises and i am getting sad and depressed. My guilts make difficult to me to have a nice sleep and i am start thinking. Am i that bad as a person? I think i am not…

The hardest part of guilts is that they gets you after you ‘ve acted wrong. I promise three days ago to my beloved grandma that i will visit her before i leave. And she was waiting for me, but i never showed up.And here i am 7 days later, away from my promise, hearing my grandma is sick. I was so freaking busy with my stuff and i couldn’t make it. Was i?

I know i wasn’t…Of course i wasn’t…I just told that to myself to have my conscious clean. But now, it’s late. It is almost 4 after midnight, i can’t fall asleep and i am thinking about all these promises i didn’t accomplish and all the people i disappoint.

I have to say one thing..I am sorry, i really am. I am trying to recall every single person i disappoint but i can’t. However,i am sorry..to everybody. Since now, i have one goal, to be better.

I am wishing goodnight to everybody, have your minds clear and always  keep your promises. So,  take a deep breath and always  have a look to the infinite now of the ”magnificent” you.


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  1. Very true, I’ve also been noticing this recently. Even in the small promises we seem to off handily make like “we’ll to friends forever” or perhaps the most haunting “I promise I’ll never forget you”. Sad to know we can abuse the premise of a promise so easily.


    1. At least is a general situation that haunt us all, as you said. There is only a solution..to be real, selfless and have a bit of compassion for the others


  2. Ms Draya says:

    Thank you for sharing! Recognizing your mistake is the step one. As soon as you can, go see your grandmother. That would mean the world to her. I appreciate this because I too am guilty of making the mistake of broken promises. As long as you make it up, that is all that matter!😀


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