What Would You Do If You Could Controll Time ?

So tell me, what would you do if you could controll time and you had only 3 chances? We always saying we need more time or, we wish we could turn back the time. I have even, wished for time to move forward fastly.

My point is that we are totally connected with the meaning and the use of time and would be a gift if we had the chance to controll him for 3 times.

I had read once, that time is only a human creation in purpose to define the time distances.

Think of it. There is no minutes or hours,there is no days, months or years. It is just something we have invent to make life easier.. It is just a metric system without any reason to be the way it is. Why the minute has 60 seconds and the year 12 months? In my opinion it is just the sunrise and the sunshine over and over again.

However, time in the way it is, defines everybody’s life. Time with each moment looks to me like a puzzle and every day,every month or every year is a piece we slowly place into it, until the final piece, which is completes the puzzle.

So if i could controll time for 3 times, i would spent the first one to make my life better. I guess i would turn back the time and i would gumbled or i would bought  a big share of apple or microsoft.
My second chance would be spent on something i would like to relive. Maybe a family trip or a beautiful moment with friends.

I would use my third and last chance to help someone. For example i would warned my brother to take a taxi cab instead of the bus if i knew that the bus would crush or  i would had convinced my mom to do her check up in case of an illness

That’s me and this is the way i would spent my 3 chances. I would love to tell me, how would you spent your 3 chances if you could controll time?


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