Imagine A World Without Music…I Can’t

Just stop for a moment and imagine a world without music. That is a painful moment! For me, music brings my world to new heights; it brings inspiration, color and joy. Whether I am writing a new song, singing at a concert or listening to a song I love – the spirit of the music moves me. I feel it in my soul. The beauty of music is that there is something for everyone, for all taste for all backgrounds. Whether poor or wealthy, living in a city or small town, 7 years old or 100 years old, music is a common thread in all of our lives. Jazz, pop, classical, rhythm and blues, rock, country, gospel, easy listening – there is bound to be a genre that makes you come alive.

Because of the times we live in, the music programs in schools are threatened. My heart is heavy, because students may lose the chance to find out what music can do for them. They may not have the opportunity to discover the true beauty of music. Like all of us, music gives children and young adults a creative outlet, inspiration, and teaches them how to be part of an ensemble. It inspires them to communicate in the only way that music can – with beauty. It may very well be the only “light” in what is sometimes a very difficult world.

If you are like me and music stirs your soul, if you feel the power of music in your life, please share the joy that music brings you with the people in your lives, especially the children. Let the spirit of music be passed from one generation to the next. Let us rejoice in what takes silence away from our life and adds joy to the world – the beauty of music.


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  1. 9864b says:

    Can’t. The psychological studies would have to start approximately beginning of 2nd trimester of pregnancy with me. I was raised on music. My whole life has been music. If it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t know it was missing. Who would I be?


    1. You would be a different person. I would be too. I raised on music too. Furthermore, our taste in music can show a lot for our character

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      1. 9864b says:

        I like everything with english lyrics. Nix classical and opera, the rest is life, energy, happiness, sadness, remorse, celebration, expression, companioning….i even used to only do my eye make-up to Starry Eyes *Motley Crue). Seems like a lot of eye make up, but, well, kinda, but mostly it’s patience in artistry.

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