Family: The Only Standard In Our Life

I came back last night. After months away from my home, i return for Easter. I hadn’t saw my family for over 180 days and unfortunately, i didn’t felt like i missed them. We used to commmunicate in weekly base, although is sad to lose connection with your fam.

So i came back and i felt like a stranger at first. We talked and talked but it felt a bit awkward. The saddest moment for me, was when i heard that my dog is sick and his days is counted.

I don’t want to be emotional but, there are many things in life that we can leave behind and family it is not one of those. So pick up the phone and call your mother. Take your car and go to your home, kiss your brothers and hug your dog.

There is no point to have family, the point is to be the family!


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  1. Litsa says:


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  2. Nick Soukoulis says:

    Nice bro! I just read it..

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