~There Is Always Time To Do It Your Way~

Why you wake up everyday? What’s so important for you that makes you leave your bed and your home and motivate you to go out, to our modern and concrete jungle. Everyday here is a bless as much as a fight. There are many reasons to fight for and there are many reasons to live.

Life is a gift you should claim and it’s getting easier if you have companions to fight with, and to fight for. I am telling all that stuff because i know that there are many times that our motives are falling apart and there are plenty reasons holding us back, while our self respect and our confidence sinking in the bottom of our unfulfilled wishes.

I’ m not trying to lecture you, but my point is that life is short and you should live your life with the way you want. If you are feeling disappointed with your job, find another one, or start travelling if you believe that the only ”world” you have ever see is the road to your job and back to your home.

You are still young to grief for your youth and the  dreams that will never come true. There is always time to do something, if you really want to do it. So get up this morning, leave your bed and your home, get out there and do what you want with your way. Stop only when you ”ll feel that you have conquer the world you have dreamed of… your world.



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