Short Stories That Makes You think


Don’t Just Walk By

The university I attended had many students about 35,000. One early afternoon I was walking around the campus and found a female student sitting on the walkway with tears on her face. Everyone just walked by her so I decided to stop. I dropped my books and sat down on the path with her. It turned out that she injured her ankle and was unable to walk to get help as a new student to America and the university. So I told her that I will sit with her until she was ready to get up. It only took a few minutes for her to calm down, I took her by the hand and we were able to get her to medical treatment. She thanked me so much for just stopping! We would run into each other occasionally on campus and she would smile and thank me again. I was amazed that just my sitting there, offering support and comfort to a total stranger, helping them walk to the nearest building would affect me and her. We both felt a bond of human compassion and the need to just assure someone that they are not alone in the world is a powerful experience


Amazing Friends

i know a few people and they say that people with disabilities cant do the things we do or that you cant really make a friendship with them. i look at them straight in the face and say your wrong. i met so many young and old amazing people with down syndrome and other disabilities, who i have made many friends with. they are strong, and fun, and can do things we cant. you cant judge someone from what they can and cannot do or even look like. so soon i will be starting an amazing program call “best buddies program” and making those wonderful people feel out there and make them feel like they are special just the way they are, because they are amazing


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