The Small Bucket List-5 Things You Should Definitely Try

Explore Iceland

Travel all the way to Iceland, explore the ice mountains, do a spa treatment on blue lagoon and wait by the night to get astonished by the Northern Lights.

Hike Down The Grand Canyon

It’s a unique experience.You would have the best view in your life and a story to tell to your grandchildrens.

Swim Under A Waterfall

What a way to feel alive! Also, if Tomb Raider has taught me anything, there could be some treasure or a med pack behind there.

Climb A Mountain

I’m not saying you need to rock up to the Everest Base Camp or anything, but climbing a real life mountain (even a small one) is a huge accomplishment. Bonus points if you perform a full rendition of ‘Climb Every Mountain’ once you get to the top.

Follow A Dream

Whether it’s big or small, you should definitely try to achieve at least one of your dreams before kicking the figurative bucket. Visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Go after your perfect job. Write an inappropriate children’s book. Eat twenty hotdogs in on sitting. Don’t leave room for regret.

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