No One Gets Left Behind-Say Thanks To The Ones Who Deserves It.

   There are many times that i am feeling like i need more than i have.Τhere are other times that i am not pleased with my belongings.Then i came across to a story that teaching you to be happy no matter what you own.All it matters is to knowing that the people you care the most,are doing great.The story is as follows..

  ”My mother is a super woman. She’s the best mother that I could ever have. I’m glad that she is my mother.

  Seen’s my father diagnost in Lung Cancer she stands as our Father and Mother.
My mother was there for us when we needed someone the most. Without my Father, everything seem to fall apart. But for my mother, being a single parent to the family was even harder. My mother knew that everymonth the bills are going to be expensive. She worked very hard at my tita’s house as a maid. But the hard part was her waking up early everyday to clean my titas house, Wash the dirty dishes. After that she had to wash them clothes. Doing that everyday non stop for five days is very hard. I know that my mom would be so tired from doing all of the hard work.

   She never gives up on anyone in the family. She’s the one who keeps everyone in the family going. I’m so happy that my mom is a strong person and is willing to keep the family together”.

   When i first read the story i recall all tose times that i felt so blessed and thankfull to my family,but i never told them.I was watching my mother and my father every morning,6 times a week,to waking up and leave for their jobs even  before the sun comes out.And i never thanked them.In concluding, i am trying to say that you should be more ”emotional” with your family and your friends.If you feel grateful,you have to say it before you regret your inaction.


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