Pain & Gain

    Is my title common?Yes.Is also true that the biggest pain,brings you the greatest gains?Yes!This quote is very accurate because it explains our whole life in two words.If you want to succeed you have to work really hard,and despite the results you have to try again and again until the best of you come to the surface.

    Now,try to think your life as a board game with four different stages that you have to complete in order to win.First stage:the years you spend as a student in school and college.Second stage:self improvement,physically and mentally.Third stage:personal life,both the love and the family achievements.Fourth and last stage:earnings(economically).

    My description might be a bit cynical but it’s also realistic.The real catch here is the difficulty to move from one stage to another.Τhe requirements we set to ourselfs  nowadays are very difficult to achive.We want a great body,a gorgeous wife and a supercar in the backyard of our 5000 square feet house.It’s good to have dreams but it’s better to have tasks at hand.

     In concluding,i want to make clear that without pain it’s almost impossible to reach that high goals.So,we have to fight everyday for that we want,and what we dream.We should accept failure as a step closer to the succeed.Let’s pain so hard until the best of us rise to the surface.


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